‘House of the Dragon 2’ Chapter 4 (Ending Explained) Which Important Character Died?

The second season of ‘House of the Dragon’‘ has reached its fourth chapter, and the intensity of the series has reached a new level. In this episode, titled ‘A Dance of Dragons‘, the conflicts between the brothers Targaryen and his allies erupt into open war, marking a drastic shift in the narrative.

This chapter is not only crucial for its shocking action scenes, but also for the significant deaths of key characters, which will change the course of the story. In this note, which contains spoilers, we will explain the most important moments and reveal which character dies in this installment.

How did chapter 4 of ‘House of the Dragon 2’ begin?

He Chapter 4 of ‘House of the Dragon 2’‘ begins with Criston Cole leading an attack on Dragonstone. Motivated by his resentment towards Rhaenyra, who chose not to abandon the throne to be with him, Cole commands a battalion that launches the first attack, forcing the woman and her allies to respond with all their forces.

The result is a fierce and bloody battle, where dozens of soldiers fall. On the other hand, Aemond Targaryen and his dragon Vaghar prove to be a formidable threat. The beast has survived numerous battles and knows how to launch deadly attacks. The battle at Dragonstone results in chaos and tragedy, with Harrenhal proving to be a less strategic target than initially thought.

Vaghar has proven to be the strongest dragon in ‘The house of the dragon 2’, Photo: Max.

Does Daemon Targaryen kill Rhaenyra?

In the Greens council, frustration is palpable after Daemon Targaryen takes HarrenhalHowever, both Aemond and Criston Cole stress that their true objective is Rook’s Rest, a smaller but crucial castle to block Rhaenyra and her allies. Furthermore, Larys Strong suggests that Harrenhal might be driving Daemon mad, and he begins to have disturbing visions.

One of these dreams shows Daemon beheading a young Rhaenyra in the throne room of King’s Landing, indicating his crucial role in the queen’s destruction. Another vision takes him to Alys Rivers, who gives him a potion that induces dreams of his deceased wife, Laena Velaryon.

Who dies in ‘House of the Dragon 2’ episode 4?

The episode is notable for the death of Rhaenys TargaryenDuring Criston Cole’s attack on Dragonstone, Rhaenys sets out with her dragon Meleys to stop the invading army. She first confronts Aegon and Sunfire, leaving them wounded, but is then surprised by Aemond and Vaghar.

The fight is brutal, and Vaghar, being much larger, kills Meleys, causing both to fall to the ground and losing her life instantly. Rhaenys’ death is a devastating blow to Rhaenyra, who loses one of her greatest allies and the voice of reason in her council. This loss underscores the brutality of the war and the difficulty of defeating Vaghar.

Rhaenys dies in episode 4 of ‘House of the Dragon 2’. Photo: Max.

Did Aegon II die too?

Aegon II, after an awkward conversation with his mother Alicent, decides to prove his worth. He mounts his dragon Sunfire and joins the battle at Dragonstone. However, Rhaenys and Meleys are already there and severely wound Sunfire. Aemond and Vaghar arrive to launch a decisive attack, leaving Aegon gravely wounded.

The end of the episode leaves Aegon II’s fate hanging in the balance, though the books suggest that he does not die in this battle but is poisoned in his own castle after being incapacitated by his wounds and burns. However, we will see what will happen to Aegon II in episode 5.

Preview of chapter 5 of ‘House of the dragon 2’


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