Hitmen murder Sheyla Rojas’ best friend in Mexico and the victim’s brother is suspected

The brutal murder of Paola Salcedoa close friend of the renowned Peruvian model Sheyla Rojashas shocked the community of Huixquilucan and the followers of the popular influencer. The content creator was shot dead by a hitman while she was outside a circus in Guadalajara. The tragic incident occurred last Wednesday night.

What happened to Paola Salcedo, Sheyla Rojas’ friend?

Paola Salcedoknown on social media for her influence and her closeness to several entertainment figures, was attacked while she was at a public event. After receiving multiple bullet wounds, she was rushed to a local hospital. Despite medical efforts, the young woman died due to the severity of her injuries.

The news caused great consternation among the community and Paola’s followers and Sheyla Rojas. So far, the Peruvian model has not made any public statement about the death of her friend, with whom she shared a very close relationship, evidenced through numerous publications on social networks. The relationship between the two was further strengthened when the former member of ‘This is war‘ arrived in Mexico, staying at Paola’s house during his first days in the country.

Is Paola Salcedo’s brother a suspect in the crime?

The Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico (FGJ) has launched an exhaustive investigation to clarify the motives and find those responsible for this heinous crime. Authorities are gathering evidence and testimonies to determine the exact circumstances of the murder and find the culprits. The community is eagerly awaiting results that can bring justice to the victim and her family.

Amidst the pain and the search for answers, the tragedy took an unexpected turn when Maria Isabel Hernandez, Paola Salcedo’s mother, made a shocking accusation through social media. In a strong message, she pointed to her own son, Carlos Salcedogoalkeeper for the Cruz Azul club, as the mastermind behind Paola’s murder, along with his partner Andrea Navarro.

“Justice for my daughter. The real reason why Carlos Salcedo wants to leave the country is because he and his wife Andrea Navarro are the masterminds behind Paola’s murder,” Paola’s family posted on their official Instagram account. These statements have caused a great stir, directly implicating a well-known footballer in an alleged case of femicide.

What was Paola Salcedo’s last post on social media?

The footballer’s sister used to be very active on social media and on March 21 she shared her latest video on Instagram, which was made up of photos of her son Luka. In the post, she wrote:

“4 years since you arrived, my love. 4 years since you changed my life forever, Luka. Thank you for being the light in the midst of all darkness, there are no words to express how much I love you, my baby. I am grateful for your existence every day, may God bless my life.” And she added the date of the child’s birth.

Paola Salcedo and the terrible tragedy behind her murder

  1. Murder of Paola Salcedo: Paola Salcedo, a 29-year-old woman and close friend of Peruvian model Sheyla Rojas, was shot dead by a hitman in Guadalajara.
  2. Relationship with Sheyla Rojas: Paola was known on social media and had a close relationship with Sheyla Rojas, evidenced by their shared posts and the fact that Sheyla stayed at her house when she arrived in Mexico.
  3. FGJ research: The Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico has launched an exhaustive investigation to clarify the murder and find those responsible.
  4. Accusation from Paola’s mother: María Isabel Hernández, Paola’s mother, accused her own son, Carlos Salcedo, a goalkeeper for the Cruz Azul club, and his partner Andrea Navarro, of being the masterminds behind the murder.
  5. Media impact and public pressure: The accusations and the relationship with public figures have generated a great media stir and intense pressure on the Mexican authorities to solve the case and provide justice.

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