Fabio Agostini files SERIOUS COMPLAINT against the Arzobispo Loayza Hospital: "They left a lady screaming for 2 hours"

The reality boy Fabio Agostini generated a wave of reactions on social media after sharing his experience in the Archbishop Loayza Hospital in Lima. Through his official account Instagramthe Spanish influencer narrated the unfortunate situation he experienced when accompanying his friend and manager, Walter Picowho suffered an accident and needed urgent medical attention.

What did Fabio Agostini say about the Arzobispo Loayza Hospital?

Fabio Agostiniknown for his participation in various television programs, decided to accompany his representative Walter Pico to the hospital due to a medical emergency: the manager had garlic stuck in his throat, which prevented him from breathing normally. The foreign model’s intention was to ensure that his friend received the necessary medical attention as soon as possible. However, the reality they found was very different.

The visit to the Arzobispo Loayza Hospital turned into a bitter experience for Agostini, who did not hesitate to use his social media to publicly denounce the poor care that, according to him, was provided at the hospital. In a video shared with his followers, Fabio described the situation as “unacceptable” and expressed his frustration at the treatment his friend received.

“Walter has been here waiting for six hours, with garlic stuck in his chest. We asked for the anesthesiologist, but he was sleeping,” Fabio Agostini said in the video. This statement reflected his indignation at the lack of speed and efficiency in medical care, especially in an emergency situation.

Is the Arzobispo Loayza Hospital not providing good care to its patients?

Fabio Agostini’s testimony was not limited to his friend’s situation. During his stay in the hospital, he witnessed another case that deeply moved him and led him to denounce the conditions of the place even more fervently. In another video, the influencer captured a woman who was complaining heartbreakingly in the hospital corridors, seeking help. According to his account, the woman had been screaming in intense pain for two hours, but was abandoned in the corridors without receiving adequate medical attention.

“This woman was screaming in pain for two hours and they left her in the hallway. This is how the care is at the Archbishop Loayza Hospital at night. How embarrassing,” said Agostini, visibly affected by the situation.

Fabio Agostini and his harsh accusations against the Arzobispo Loayza Hospital

  1. Complaint by Fabio Agostini: Fabio Agostini used his official Instagram account to denounce the poor care his friend Walter Pico received at the Loayza Hospital in Lima.
  2. Walter Pico’s medical emergency: Walter Pico had garlic stuck in his throat, which prevented him from breathing normally. Despite the urgency, he had to wait 6 hours without receiving the necessary care.
  3. Situation of the anesthesiologistAgostini commented that when they asked about the anesthesiologist, they were told that he was sleeping, which shows the lack of personnel available and prepared for emergencies.
  4. Testimony of an abandoned womanAgostini also recorded a woman who was screaming in intense pain for two hours in the hospital corridors without receiving medical attention.
  5. Reactions and lack of official response: Agostini’s public complaint sparked a strong reaction on social media, with many users sharing their own negative experiences in health centers. So far, Loayza Hospital has not issued an official statement on the allegations.

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