Explosive detonated at toy store door in Cercado de Lima and witnesses report extortion

In the early hours of the morning, the tranquility of the neighbors of block two of the Cangallo Avenuein it Lima fencewas interrupted by the detonation of an explosive at the door of a toy store. Witnesses in the area said that two men approached the store, They lit the fuse of the device and fled walking along the same route they came.

The noise not only alarmed residents, but also mobilized local authorities. One of the witnesses, who preferred to remain anonymous, detailed the movements of the attackers. “They came walking from Jauja, stood here and placed the device. There were two people and then they walked away,” said the person.

This is how the door of the premises ended up after the strong detonation of the explosive. Photo: Miguel Calderón – LR

The precise description of the events by those present at the scene provided the authorities with valuable information to identify those responsible for this act of violence that alarmed residents from the area and owners of the premises.

Police suspect extortion

The toy store’s managers, visibly shaken, refused to give specific details about the incident. However, they expressed their surprise and fear, as they claim not to have received any previous threats. “In the year and a half that I’ve been working there, this hasn’t happened. They tell me they haven’t received threats before,” said one worker at the store. Uncertainty and fear are now part of their daily routine.

District police arrived in the area to ensure the safety of residents. Photo: Miguel Calderón – LR

However, the agents of the National Police who approached the area to collect evidence of the crime do not deny the possibility of having another case of extortion present.

UDEX staff arrived at the scene

Given the seriousness of the situation, police officers Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit (UDEX) They were present at the scene to carry out the necessary procedures. Their main objective was to secure the area and gather evidence that could lead to the capture of the culprits. This type of intervention is important to restore security in residential areas affected by violence.

Local mourners avoided giving statements for fear of reprisals. Photo: Miguel Calderón – LR

The case has also been assigned to the Criminal Investigation Department (Depincri) Centerwhich will be responsible for carrying out the corresponding investigations. Its task will be to determine the motivations behind this attack and prevent similar events from happening again. The community hopes that the swift action of the authorities will bring results and that justice will be done.

Neighbors worried about crime

Residents of the Cangallo Avenue and surrounding areas have requested an increase in security measures to prevent future incidents. The feeling of vulnerability has grown After the attack, both merchants and residents are demanding a strong response from law enforcement. The community remains alert and united, hoping that this incident will not go unpunished and that security measures in the area will be reinforced.

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