Exchange rate: Dollar remained stable at S/3.7920 at the close of today, Friday, July 5

The exchange rate closed today at S/3.7920, with no movement compared to the last day, according to the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP). 

In the parallel market, the greenback is now at S/3,780 for purchase and S/3,805 for sale; while in the banking market, it is at S/3,750 and S/3,837 for purchase and sale, respectively.

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In this sense, not much fluctuation has been identified during the day. Thus, the dollar started at a minimum level of S/3,785 and closed at a maximum level of S/3,799. Meanwhile, US$252 million were traded on the market at an average price of S/3,7944 and there were maturities for S/600 million in Foreign Exchange Swap Sale, of which S/219 million were renewed, explained Asvim Asencios, currency trader at Renta4 SAB.

On the other hand, US unemployment data for June was released, registering a higher-than-expected 4.1%. A cooling labor market could add to recent weak economic readings that would pressure the Fed to cut interest rates in SeptemberAsencios emphasized.

So far this year, the dollar has accumulated a variation of 2.29% and in interannual terms, of 4.35%, according to the BCRP.

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