Dina Boluarte gives an interview in China and breaks down, but in Peru she continues to not make any statements to the press

Dina Boluarte, President of the Republic, broke down during an interview that he had with the China Central Television (CCTV). During the aforementioned dialogue, the head of state referred to various sociocultural issues. However, she has not made any statements to the Peruvian press since April 5.

“I want a country where children have a future, where poverty is reduced and we have more hospitals,” Boluarte is heard saying. Along the same lines, he also referred to the levels of citizen security and the improvement of medical care in Peru.

Along the same lines, the head of state guaranteed legal stability to all Chinese businessmen who have been investing in Peru, as is the case of the Chancay Megaport, which is expected to be ready by the end of 2024. “Hopefully over time we can be a great nation like China“, he said.

On the other hand, instead of addressing the controversial issues that revolve around her or the strategies to regain the trust of the Peruvian population, the head of state focused on talking about the different chifas in the country and mentioning which is her favorite dish.

“There is no region in Peru that does not have its chifas and all Peruvians love them. What is my favorite dish? Chicken rolled with Kam Lu Wantan and, of course, my wontons with tamarind candy,” she said.

Dina Boluarte: Is the president obliged to speak to the press? This is what an expert says

President Dina Boluarte has maintained a notable silence in front of our media for the past 93 days, since April 5. This raises questions due to the recent interview on the Chinese channel.

In dialogue with La República, José Salazar, an expert in crisis management, stated that the behavior of Dina Boluarte It is similar to that of Pedro Castillo. According to Salazar, the president is obliged to declare, since government communication is essential as it is the link with the citizens.

Salazar noted that, although Boluarte should face the press, she is unlikely to do so due to the lack of transparency, empathy and clear accountability. On the lack of transparency, he explained that in order to address the press, the president must first acknowledge her mistakes and apologize, assuming that her omissions have affected the credibility of her government.

“There is no communication without transparency. Will the president be willing to be honest when faced with questions from the press? Here the president has lied and is not being honest. If the head of state is not honest, she cannot go out and make statements to the media,” José Salazar told this newspaper.

Regarding the lack of information in the government’s accountability, Salazar mentioned that the president must acknowledge her mistakes in her management and that the polls reflect the discontent of the population.

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