Check the 5 requirements to receive the 2024 School Bonus and verify if you are ACTIVE

He School Bonus 2024implemented by the Luis Abinader’s government in the Dominican Republicaims to facilitate access to quality education for thousands of children and adolescents from vulnerable families. This program provides R$1,000 for each child enrolled in a public schoolWith the start of the next school year just around the corner, many families They expect a second payment and they want to know what requirements they need to obtain it.

Below we detail the most relevant information about the School Voucher requirementshow to verify your status as a beneficiary and the expected payment dates. This article from La República will guide you through the process to ensure that your family receives this much-needed support.

The Bono a Mil guarantees that thousands of children and adolescents can access quality education. Photo: MINERD

The 5 requirements to receive the 2024 School Bonus

For access the 2024 School Bonusit is essential to comply with a series of requirements established by the government. During the last registration process carried out in December 2023, applicants were required to submit the following documents:

  1. Electoral identity card: This document is essential to verify the identity of the applicant and their eligibility to receive the bonus.
  2. Recent school certificates: They are required to demonstrate that dependent children are enrolled and attending a public school.
  3. Application form: Interested parties must complete and submit the corresponding form for the School Bonus.
  4. Proof of address: This document confirms the applicant’s residence, guaranteeing that he or she lives in one of the areas benefited by the program.
  5. Motivation letter: A document that explains in detail the reasons why the subsidy is being requested, providing context about the family’s situation.

How to check the 2024 School Bonus?

Check if you are a beneficiary of the 2024 School Bonus It is a simple process that can be completed online. Follow these steps to check your status:

  1. Access the official website: Visit
  2. Enter your ID number: In the corresponding field, enter your identity card number.
  3. Click on ‘consult’: This will allow you to verify if you are registered as a beneficiary of the 2024 School Bonus.

When will the 2024 School Bonus be paid?

The most recent distribution of the School Bonus was made in February 2024, as an exceptional measure to support families before the start of the school year. Although a specific date for the next payment has not yet been made official, It is expected to occur around August 28thcoinciding with the start of the new school year. This date would allow families to plan and prepare adequately for the return to school.

Is there a registration for the 2024 School Bonus?

At the moment, A new registration process for the 2024 School Bonus has not been announced. Government institutions in charge of social protection have indicated that no new beneficiaries are being included in social subsidies. The last addition was made in December 2023, so it is crucial that interested families remain vigilant. to future official announcements from the Dominican government.

A government spokesperson said: “Government institutions that work in the social protection of the vulnerable population are not including new beneficiaries in social subsidies. It is important to note that the last time new families were added to the subsidies “It was in December 2023.”

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