Canada coach Jesse Marsch makes a sPICY statement before the Copa America match against Argentina

On Tuesday, July 9, the first meeting will take place 2024 Copa America semi-final between the scanada elections and Argentina. After having left Venezuela on the way in the penalty shootout, the Canucks coach, Jesse Marschsent a message to Lionel Messi and company.

In the preview of the match with the white and bluethe American strategist was optimistic about achieving a positive result. In a duel that will be repeated after having been found in the opening match of the continent’s top national team tournament.

Canada’s coach’s message to the Argentine national team

The American coach spoke about how tough the match against Argentina will be and the challenge that lies ahead: “The match against Argentina will have to be the best we’ve ever played, and even then it may not be enough. We’re going to try,” said the Canadian national team coach.

At the press conference, March made it clear that his team will seek to impose its style of play on the defending champions“We will be positive and aggressive. We will not just defend; we will play the way we want and see if we can sustain that,” he said.

Jesse Marsch has been Canada’s coach since May 13 of this year and led the Canucks to the semi-finals of the Copa America. Photo: CANMNT

As you may recall, Canada reached the semi-final stage after beating Venezuela in a dramatic penalty shootout. A historic event that marks their first qualification in the history of the tournament. This feat makes them the fourth team in the world to win the title. CONCACAF in achieving this, following in the footsteps of Mexico, the United States and Honduras.

Likewise, the North American strategist pointed out that one of the key points will be to contain the player from Inter Miami. “We will have to control Lionel Messi better. In the first match we gave him too much freedom,” he said.

Canada vs Argentina will be the first duel to be played in the Copa America semi-finals. Photo: LR composition.

Jesse Marsch defends himself against criticism of his playing style

He Canada coachdefended his players against criticism, highlighting their solidity in previous matches against Chile and Venezuela. Although some might argue that they should have scored more goals, March considers that their performances were solid, especially considering the quality of the opponents.

The coach’s strategic approach is to push teams to the limit. According to Marchtheir goal is to test rivals and see if they can keep up with Canada. In the case of Venezuelathey managed to push it to the limit.

Under Marsch’s direction, the Canadian team will face the “Albiceleste” in the semi-finals. They are looking for a historic feat that will demonstrate their ability to compete at the highest level of international football. The exciting match is scheduled for Tuesday, July 9 at 9:00 p.m. at the MetLife Stadium of New Jersey, with capacity for 82,566 spectators.

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