Bukele government denounced for imprisoning and torturing Atilio Montalvo, former war veteran

Atilio Montalvo His son denounced on social media that his father, a 74-year-old economist and signatory of the Peace Accords, is being “tortured” during his detention. The detainee, who bears the same name as his son, is accused of acts of terrorism and rebellion. against him State.

According to the complaint, Montalvo is not receiving the Medical treatments adequate despite his delicate state of health in recent months. This includes complications resulting from a heart attack, chronic diseases such as diabetes and kidney failure, as well as an untreated wound.

What did Atilio Montalvo’s son say to the Bukele government?

“My father is being tortured by the dictatorship of Nayib Bukele In El Salvador (…) He currently sleeps in a 2×2 meter cell with 15 other people, on the floor, poorly fed, cold, in pain and with a wound that is infected with bacteria every day,” he said.

Atilio Montalvo Jr. asked that the video be shared so that “the international community can find out what is really happening in El Salvador.”

Together with his sisters, Montalvo Jr. has denounced the arbitrary capture of the FMLN leader and has pointed out the lack of evidence against him. In addition, they have asked that he be kept in a hospital due to his delicate condition. health situation.

The government of Nayib Bukele is accused of mistreatment. Photo: El País

“They are accusing him of terrorism for linking him to alleged attacks that were going to occur during the unconstitutional seizure of power (…). What can I say? Bukele’s delusional regime seems to have no limits, neither in its cruelty nor in its fabrication of lies. He has demanded obedience from the people, not to complain and to swallow his bitter medicine,” he added.

José Atilio Montalvo, along with 10 other former combatants and war veterans who are leaders of the National Alliance for El Salvador in Peace, were sent to provisional prison by the First Court against Organized Crime on June 14 of this year. They are accused of planning an attack during the inauguration of President Nayib Bukele, on June 1.

The Nayib Bukele regime

In The Savior A state of emergency has been established to combat crime, known as the ‘Territorial Control Plan’. This regime suspends the exercise of certain constitutional rights, such as freedom of association and the right to defence. It also allows the authorities to intervene in telecommunications without the need for judicial authorisation.

Although the figures show a decrease in crime rates, there are also worrying data. For example, in 2022, more than 18,000 arrests were recorded in a single month. These arrests can be carried out by the police without a court order supporting them.

For this reason, many human rights organizations have expressed their opposition to the strategies adopted by Nayib Bukele, since they consider that the state of emergency can expose citizens to the violation of their rights. One of these organizations is Amnesty International.

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