Boluarte on absence due to alleged surgery: "I would like to disappear for a minute and not do my job."

President Dina Boluarte did not give a clear answer about who was in charge of the Presidential Office during the days she was absent due to the alleged plastic surgeries she underwent.

When asked about this, the president did not want to give further details about whether she had undergone any surgical procedure and only briefly replied about the time she has been working in the Government.

“I would like to disappear for a minute and not do my job,” said Boluarte Zegarra, who did not provide any further information on the subject.

With this response, the president implied that she did not take a single day of medical leave. However, the questioning was not well received by the president, who described as “biased” the questions she was asked about who was in charge of the country when she was supposedly absent due to her operations.

“Thank you very much and excuse the smile, because we are talking about such important things as bringing technology from China to Peru. And I am referring to these questions, these biased questions, which do not help and do not generate interest in the population,” he replied.

Dina Boluarte avoided giving clear answers to the press

After almost three months without answering questions from journalists, President Dina Boluarte held a press conference at the Government Palace to give an account of her state visit to China.

However, after finishing his presentation and giving way to the round of questions, he refused to answer some of the questions that exist regarding his management.

Regarding the Rolex watches and jewelry she received from the regional governor of Ayacucho, Wilfredo Oscorima, and the investigation she is facing in the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the governor responded by sending her regards to her “wayki” and avoided giving details about the complaint, arguing that it is in the Prosecutor’s Office.

When questioned about the Government’s inaction in the face of the complaint of sexual abuse against more than 500 Awajún minors in Condorcanqui, Amazonas, Boluarte Zegarra once again gave an evasive response and gave the floor to the Minister of Education, Morgan Quero.

It should be noted that one of the strongest criticisms of the president was Quero’s permanence in the Cabinet after saying that sexual abuse was part of cultural practices.

Another question from the press was about the high disapproval rate of his government. On this subject, Boluarte Zegarra minimized the rejection figures shown in the polls.

“What is going down is inflation,” he said.

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