All about the July ONP bonus: date, beneficiaries and collection process

On July 15th, the Office of Pension Standardization (ONP) will begin distributing the mining bonus 2024. This subsidy is intended for retirees mining, metallurgical and steel sectors, supported by the Mining, Metallurgical and Steel Complementary Retirement Fund (FCJMMS). The initiative seeks to offer significant economic support to those who have dedicated their lives to these industries.

Last year, nearly 29,000 retirees received this benefit, highlighting the importance of this program. For 2024, the ONP has once again committed to ensuring a fair and equitable distribution of funds. This ensures that all eligible pensioners receive the financial support they deserve in a timely manner.

ONP mining bonus: what is it all about?

The ONP mining bonus is a subsidy aimed at retirees in the mining, metallurgical and steel sectors. This benefit is protected by laws No. 25009 and No. 27252, which regulate both the National Pension System and the Private Pension System. National Superintendence of Customs and Tax Administration (Sunat) is the entity responsible for collecting the amounts necessary for this fund.

The bond is financed from 0.5% of the annual income of companies in the sector and 0.5% of the gross remuneration of workers in these industries. This financing mechanism ensures that resources are sufficient to cover all eligible beneficiaries, guaranteeing an equitable and timely distribution.

When will the ONP bonus be paid?

The ONP 2024 bonus payment is scheduled for July 15. The payment date has been set with the aim of providing financial support to pensioners, helping them to cover their basic needs effectively.

These are the beneficiaries of the ONP 2024 bonus

The beneficiaries of the ONP bond 2024 are those retirees who are part of the Mining, Metallurgical and Steelworks Complementary Retirement Fund (FCJMMS) and who registered until December 31, 2023. This subsidy includes retirees of laws No. 25009 and No. 27252, ensuring that only retirees who meet the established criteria receive the bonus.

In addition to direct retirees, the ONP bonus also covers beneficiaries of widow’s and orphan’s pensions. The ONP is responsible for verifying and validating the information of all retirees registered in the fund to ensure an efficient and transparent payment process.

ONP 2024: How can the mining bonus be collected?

To collect the 2024 mining bonus, retirees and other beneficiaries do not need to complete any additional procedures. According to current regulations, the subsidy will be automatically deposited into bank accounts of the National bank where beneficiaries receive their retirement pension. This system simplifies the collection process and ensures that funds reach beneficiaries directly and safely.

In the event that a beneficiary does not receive his or her pension at the Banco de la Nación, a savings account will be opened in his or her name at this bank. It is important that beneficiaries have their card and access code enabled to avoid problems in collecting the bonus. This mechanism guarantees that all retirees can access their benefit efficiently and without setbacks.

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