Alexander Callens warns about the future of the Peruvian national team: "He who does not perform well will not play"

Following the recent elimination of the Peruvian team from the Copa America 2024there have been numerous questions about the future of the team and its performance in the upcoming matches. Despite the disappointment, the defender Alexander Callens He has expressed his and his teammates’ determination to improve their game, stressing that each match will be crucial from now on.

Speaking to a local media outlet, Callens stressed the importance of the upcoming meetingssince they will be decisive for the classification to 2026 World Cup.

The national team has welcomed new members, and Callens stressed the need to integrate and teach the newcomers about the importance of the upcoming challenges. “There were many things, new teammates arrived and we have to teach them what is coming. I hope they have taken it well because we are going to need everyone, and in September the one who does not perform well will not play,” he said, showing his commitment to the performance and competitiveness of the team.

What did Callens say about the qualifying matches?

With Peru occupying last place in the standings, the Peruvian recognized the urgency of facing each match with strength to add vital points. “All the matches are going to be finals. We have to get points no matter what to fight for.” Qualifiers “I hope everyone prepares well,” he urged, aware of the pressure on the players and the coaching staff.

Despite the tough rivals that await the team, Callens expressed his unwavering commitment to the team and his desire to relive the moments of glory they had under the direction of the former coach. Ricardo Gareca.

Peruvian fans, although hurt by their recent elimination, remain hopeful that the team can turn its situation around and fight for a place in the next World Cup.

Upcoming commitments of the Peruvian team

In 2024, the Peruvian national team will have to face 6 matches for the 2026 South American Qualifiers. Below, find out which matches these will be:

  • Peru vs. Colombia – home
  • Ecuador vs. Peru – visitors
  • Peru vs. Uruguay – home
  • Brazil vs. Peru – visitors
  • Peru vs. Chile – home
  • Argentina vs. Peru – visitors

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